At IDEA, we see our role as helping trade associations promote their members interests and thereby promoting themselves, both to their own members and to the wider audience that their industry requires. This is achieved by creating mechanisms in a variety of formats to publicise member and association information. 

Our aim is to produce well designed publications, electronic or physical, which are effective, accurate and excellent value for money. 

IDEA will do everything from the initial conception to the final publication and distribution. This includes obtaining materials from member companies, collating them and structuring them to ensure easy accessibility by the user. IDEA will also ensure that the terminology within the publication are common usage within industry, ensuring that the resulting publication is produced to the very highest standards accuracy, design and quality. If required, we can organise distribution to British export institutions throughout the world. These services are designed to complement those of a trade association; associations may pick what they require to be done and do themselves what fits within their own organisation 

Publications can be financed in a number of different ways and IDEA has considerable experience in generating funding for the publications that it creates. We are happy to work with our client associations to develop the most appropriate system for their organisation. Typically, this can be by the sale of sponsorship, advertising, entries or advertorial.

Publications can be multilingual and are designed with the requirements of the user in mind, not from the basis of using the latest tricks and gimmicks.



Member brochure for the Construction Equipment Association